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LighthouseOn the western shores of Lake Erie in the town of Leamington, Ontario, is a family-oriented, membership community of 64 modest summer cottages named The Lighthouse Club. Generations of families have owned cottages here since the late 1940s, enjoying a no frills, vacation experience in a tight-knit, friendly community setting. Children have an expansive beach in which to run and play and can look forward to seeing their cottage friends each summer. Walking the beach, swimming, relaxing with a book, playing card and board games with friends and family members, and watching the multi-colored sunsets are some of the simple past-times enjoyed by cottage dwellers. The club operates through bylaws voted on by cottage owners and the costs of utilities, taxes, ground maintenance, and club-related expenses are covered by annual cottage dues.

The anchor of the club’s landscape is a hilltop lighthouse that overlooks the cottages. The lighthouse, functional, but no longer in use, was transformed into restrooms for club members, and a clubhouse was built adjacent to it. Located about 38 miles from the international border of Detroit and Windsor near Southwestern Ontario’s most southern tip, the cottages run along a private beach shared by cottage owners on Lake Erie’s shoreline, with a public beach and Seacliff Park on one side and the Pelee Island Ferry Dock and Leamington Marina on the other.

Leamington is a farming community with a population of 28,833 and is known as the “Tomato Capital of Canada.” Home to a large H.J. Heinz Company factory, Leamington has the most diverse range of crops in Canada. Long known for its greenhouses, Leamington has the largest number of commercial greenhouses in North America and every summer, migrant workers, mainly from Mexico and the Caribbean, come here for seasonal work. Representing the significance of the tomato crop to this town, the information booth in downtown Leamington takes the shape of a large tomato, as does the town’s water tower.This part of Canada is host to Carolinian forest parks, which many naturalists take advantage of to view migrating song birds in the spring and Monarch butterflies in the fall. The geographic conditions here have also helped create Canada’s most southerly coastal winery district. These features, combined with the Erie lakefront and family atmosphere, make the Lighthouse Club a unique and rewarding vacation community!


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